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    Is Flight Controller hardware available in Intel Aero Compute Board?




      From the link below, I understand that Intel Ready to Fly kit comes with Integrated Intel Aero Flight Controller hardware.

      Intel® Aero Ready to Fly Drone | Intel® Software - i.e. Aero compute board itself has Flight Controller hardware component.


      However, the below link of "Intel Aero Compute Board" does not talk about Intel Aero Flight Controller Hardware. It just focuses on computation unit.

      Intel® Aero Compute Board | Intel® Software


      I have "Intel Aero Compute Board" only with me for my research. So I wanted to explore the possibility of "Flying part" with the "Intel Aero Compute Board".

      I have also come across couple of related question posted and discussed here previously on the same subject.





      But I get no clear input whether it is supported or not. Please clarify if "Intel Aero Compute Board" has an integrated "Flight Controller Hardware" and supporting flight S/W to make it fly.


      I am waiting for your response.