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    Install Intel video drivers 4000



      Unfortunately I do not know English, so I'll write through Google Translate!


      I have a Samsung Ativ Book 8 NP870z5e-x01 (Intel Graphics 4000; AMD Radeon HD8870m; 8GB RAM)

      Reinstalled the new Window 7 (64 bit).


      After installing windows:

      1. windows apdate automatically installed the driver, but after a couple of downloads and installing the amd radion it flew off and in the device manager it is highlighted with an "exclamation mark"

      2. I decided to download the latest driver from the Intel site and eventually get the same.

      As a result, I do not have a properly working video driver.

      Pr .: when moving folder cards, the picture is applied.


      Help solve the problem, because Until I install the intelligent driver properly, the driver's amd will not stand up.