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    Adding channels and IO to a current NUC


      The old NUCs had dual miniPCIE slots that could be used for expansion of IO. In prototypes we used them for "better" wifi and video capture.
      The new has M.2, but that is essentially meant to be for an SSD


      To make the NUC usable for us as a base for our 2nd product range, we would need to expand the IO capacity quite a bit more
      1.  Add one USB3 channel (yes, I know there are plenty of ports, but they share the same channel). I haven't been able to find an M.2 card that does this
      2. An interrupt based GPIO port
      3. Multiple serial ports. (RS 232, thus low bandwidth but 4-5 IO's)


      Ideally we would also love to have all the contacts as ribbon-headers, as we basically cannot work with standard connectors for our applications.
      (Heavy-duty film-set environment)


      Is there a way around any/all of these issues on a current NUC?



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          Unfortunately, I too was not able to find any off the shelf solution that would address this set of requirements (or even just the USB 3.0 requirement). You are looking at the development of a custom M.2 card that provides these capabilities -- and, as was discussed with you previously, this card will need to do so within the limitation of no support for PCIe bifurcation.




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            Thanks Scott


            The Gen7 NUC has thunderbolt.
            Thunderbolt to USB3 is a pretty normal offering, do you now if the connector would then actually use the bandwidth from the Thunderbolt, or would the data be re-routed to the existing USB3 controller?

            Thunderbolt to PCI, too, though the form-factor of those boards are preventive for us.
            Thunderbolt to 4xPCIe mini would have been bullseye...