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    download problem - intel.driversdown.com / download.intel.com



      I‘m searching for very old Dayna drivers, found them but cannot download them.

      Intel bought the Dayna company many years ago and so it seems intel is the only source for this drivers worldwide.

      When I go to http://ftplike.com/browser/download.intel.com/support/dayna/

      all Dayna drivers are listed, but when I try to download, they are not found.

      I got different links like:

      ftp://download.intel.com/support/dayna/ep_ad321.hqx  - asking for name & password (anonymous not available),

      http://downloadmirror.intel.com/654/eng/ep_ad321.hqx  - File not found.


      Is there any way to get these old drivers?


      Thanks for help,