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    S5000XSL/PSL not booting with dual CPU, works fine with one.


      So! I know, this is an old board and interactive support has ended long ago, but if there is anybody out there who could give me some advice I'd really appreciate it.


      So! I bought this board from a guy on my local buy/sell page, it came just bare. I got 32Gb of FB-DIMM DDR2-667, and two Xeon 5160s and two Xeon X5355s, checking the datasheet for the board to verify that they'll work. I drop in my ram, two CPUs, custom brackets for my Hyper 212 Evo coolers, hard drive, peripherals, and PSU. I turn it on by jumping the appropriate headers, it turns on for a second or so, fans turn, no post codes yet, and then it just quits. Shuts right off. Status LED stays solid green, no post codes happened at all, and no beep codes. Does it for both types of CPU I got. If I just put one CPU into the first socket, it works! Works well too. Posts, no issues, I install my OS, and I'm off to the races. Only half as fast as I could be.


      So I start checking things:

      • I check both socket's pins, all perfect, not a single one out of line.
      • I check both CPUs, by putting one into the first socket, and booting, and then the other in the first socket, and it boots just fine, no codes.
      • I check if my PSU is going overcurrent, by putting an oscilloscope on the PS_ON pin and the 12v power rail to the CPU VRMs. PS_ON goes high (Shutting the PSU off) before the 12v power rail even twitches. It stays rock solid. It's the motherboard that's shutting itself off for sure.
      • I take out all the ram, peripherals, and fans. It'll still attempt to post without ram, but it'll fail. It still doesn't reach post, just quits.
      • Updated the BMC and BIOS, nope.