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    driver debug?


      I am trying to debug a MS error code id: 2019, which causes a system freeze. None of the current symbols packages in Windows developer center contain a symbol for iansw60.sys, so my dump file will not load into windbg. How would I get that? Not to say this is the cause, but I cannot read the file without this symbol to tell what is the cause.


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          Looks like this driver is related to ANS (Advanced Networking Service). Are you using any ANS function like VLAN, teaming, etc?

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            As a matter of fact they are teamed, as are the other 2 blades on this mod server.

            Should I consider there is some significance to this?


            I still need the symbols to run windbg......


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              If you can break the team and stop using ANS it might help to isolate the issue... However I don't know who has the symbols. If you post to the General Discussion support forum the networking guys might be able to help.


              Btw, which server are you using and what's the driver version?

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                Server is MFSYS25. Boards are S5000 I believe. Driver version on nic

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                  I also have a MFS5000VSI system here with teaming enabled, running Windows Server 2003 32-bit, but I haven't encountered any hanging issue. Could you try the driver at http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=18807&ProdId=2860&lang=eng first by running Windows_IA32_Install.bat? (suppose you're also running 32-bit OS)

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                    I think I may have "stumbled" across the culprit the day I was going to change/remove print drivers. It turns out there is a not-so-well-documented driver issue with the online backup service we use (it is an Ahsay child). Just so happens that it has one installed but unused service that has a memory lock(?)/leak issue, and needs to be stopped and disabled. Gotta love those curve balls!

                    The guy I work with/for says all of the mod servers he has built are teamed with no issues.

                    Thanks for the driver link- I looked a couple of weeks back and that one wasn't there.

                    Yes we are running server 2008 x32. So I will get that updated, but this is a once or twice a month issue (luckily) so I probably won't know anything for a while. Unless the network guys come up with a symbol for me so I can go back and look at that side of it.

                    I will post back if I find anything conclusive.