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    HD 4600 with XL2411 monitor 1920x1080 120Hz



      Recently, I purchased a Zowie BenQ XL2411. I am having trouble running the monitor at 120hz. I am using a laptop, which has a mini-displayport input (1.2), also it has HDMI  port. I also know for sure that the Intel HD 4600 is 144hz-120hz compatible based on this link https://communities.intel.com/thread/53436 The laptop also has an Nvidia GTX 870M for gaming, which can definitely run the required Hz.  I am using Dual DVI cable supplied with the monitor and mini-displayport to dual-link DVI-D adapter.  That adapter is definetely active (written on it and it is 1.2) However, when I select a refresh rate higher than 60, I DO get picture, however I get an error message that never goes away saying "Incorrect Cable. Please use the DVI cable that came with your monitor." At 1080p 100hz, I get this message but I can run games fine. However at 120 hz, I get this message AND the screen blacks out every 20 seconds or so, then comes back. Sometimes I get lucky and it can run for an hour before screwing up. 144hz is completely nonresponsive even at lower resolutions, so my guess is that my computer simply does not support the 144hz, but it DOES support 120. 120 can run fine even on HDMI at 1600x900(using Custom Resolution). However the HDMI cannot run 120 at 1080p, only a maximum of 90hz. Anyway, with this adapter the max I can get is 100hz. At 120hz, I get crystal clear quality and the corresponding refresh rate but the screen blanks out every 20 seconds. Need to mention also, that all of the monitor ports on the laptop are connected to HD 4600. GTX is only used for games and when other apps need it. Thanks and regards.


      Update: When playing games like Heroes of Might and Magic VI the black square on the bottom of the screen (which contains the message: Incorrect cable...) disappears. That to me says that: 1) the cables used to connect monitor are OK 2) When GTX 870M kicks in during game and it handles monitor resolution and timing correctly, but as soon as I leave the game the HD 4600 takes control and it is not handling the monitor connection accurately...