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    NUC6i5SYH BIOS settings Boot Devices -> Network Boot: [Disabled] and Intel Platform Trust Technology [Enabled] causes Windows 7-64 to hang while loading.


      Approximately 10% of NUC6i5SYH's will hang at the Windows 7 loading graphic animation if Network Boot (PXE) is disabled AND Trust Technology is enabled.


      BIOS version 57 and 61 have been tried without any change.


      All Win 7's were installed via a PXE image. This should not make any difference though.


      If both PXE and Trust Technology is enabled, there is no problem. Likewise, both off/disabled causes no problem.


      Currently it is not an operational issue but a solution would be nice if anyone has suggestions.


      Current workaround settings for those failing NUC's are shown below.





      Thanks, Colin.