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    NUC6CAYS not recognizing MSATA


      Curious boot issue.  Went to re-image internal MSATA using bootable thumb drive with confirmed-good OPENELEC image/installer.  Installer thumb drive recognized presence of MSATA and successfully deployed image.  However, when I go into BIOS on NUC, it does not recognize presence of MSATA.  This is the case whether I set boot type to "Windows" or "Linux."


      What settings/configuration/BIOS change to I need to make to get the system to recognize the re-imaged MSATA?

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello k_allhands,

          Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.

          I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your Intel® NUC.
          On this Intel® NUC, there is only the following:

          • eMMC internal/embedded storage which contained the OS (Windows® 10 Home + Product Key Code)
          • M.2 connector type E that was prepopulated with Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 module. This connector only supports wireless/Bluetooth/cellular devices (here is a good article describing different types of connectors).
          • A SATA 3.0 connector that supports one 2.5“ SSD or HDD up to 9.5mm.
          My recommendations are the following:
          • Make sure you have supported devices installed.
          • The eMMC storage is enabled in the BIOS (under onboard devices).
          • Confirm you have the latest BIOS. If yes, please try a BIOS recovery.
          • Confirm OpenELEC is supported on flash memory/eMMC.
          You may need to add an SSD/HDD to install the OS and make the system to work.

          I hope this helps.

          Best Regards,
          Juan V.
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            It's not an mSATA; it's an eMMC. After configuring for Linux, exit Visual BIOS with a save and, during reboot, use F2 to then reenter Visual BIOS. This will cause eMMC to be disabled, I believe. You re-enable its support in the Advanced / Devices and Peripherals scene. Add checkmark for the eMMC Built-in Storage option in the Onboard Devices tab. I believe you are also required to enable UEFI and install the O/S for UEFI (i.e. to GPT-based partitions).


            Hope this helps,


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              thank you for the procedure.  Will attempt first thing and reply back within 24 hours with result.

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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hello k_allhands,

                I was reviewing this thread and I wanted to know if you need further assistance?

                Best Regards,
                Juan V.

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                  Hello All...apologies for the delayed response to this thread...other projects took priority for an extended period of time.


                  Abandoned the Openelec/KODI project...decided to install latest Ubuntu desktop image on the unit.


                  Similar issues:

                  • Confirmed eMMC support enabled in BIOS
                  • Installed UBUNTU from USB thumb drive
                  • GPARTED in Ubuntu shows single partition on eMMC, with space used equivalent to standard Ubuntu install.  Also confirmed that BOOT flag is set on partition through GPARTED
                  • Attempting to boot without install thumb drive returns "no bootable device found" error
                  • eMMC not listed as available device in any boot menu in BIOS interface


                  UPDATE -- RESOLVED:

                  Application of latest BIOS release (24) resulted in successful identification of eMMC...Ubuntu booted successfully.