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    intel proset wireless on compaq 6730b laptop w/xp


      I've got a Compaq 6730b w/xp and proset wireless. I'm on a network that redirects when accessing internet to a cisco web authentication page. Cannot get to the authentication page. only says cannot display this page. when i run diagnostic through windows it tells me no http/https or ftp sites and to check firewalls. i've disabled the firewalls completely with no luck. when i use intel utility manager it passes all but ping test. ping test states no reponse:ap/gateway/dhcp. with other wireless devices in the community (such as belkin) it display a diagram showing my computer-router-internet. when i clicked the router it directed me to the desired cisco web authentication page and all was good to go. with intel no such diagram shown in order to access router. anyone familiar with this dilema? i've done several computers in this community with several different wireless devices (mine is a linksys pci card on a desktop, also setup a belkin as stated above and a couple other types with no problems) i'm at a loss! pleeeeease can somebody help meeeee!!   Rob