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    nuc6cayh radiosignal overlap?


      ok, i'm having some weird issues with my nuc...

      it seems as if it is overlapping any RF signal nearby, ie.

      - if i put it close to the router (mind it's connected to it via lan cable, wifi is disabled in bios) it kills all wifi connections to the router;

      - got a logitech wireless mouse/keyboard combo that works well on any other PC on any given distance <6m, on the nuc it's only usable while being closer that less than 1m


      anyone having similar issues?

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          USB 3.0 utilizes the same 2.4GHz frequency band that is used by WiFi. If the NUC is placed too close to the router and USB 3.0 is busy, I believe that it could cause WiFi connections to be lost or interfered with. This shouldn't happen for USB 2.0 devices that are connected to the NUC.

          Similarly, wireless keyboard/mouse dongles often use the same 2.4GHz frequency band. You could thus see some issues with the dongle if USB 3.0 is very active.