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    Is My NUC nuked?


      Well maybe it isn't nuked, but it sure acts strange for a new device.


      My 7i5BNH has sound/wifi issues. If I plug into the audio jack it disconnects my internet connection and you cannot reconnect until you unplug whatever from the audio jack. So...........


      ..........I thought Ok maybe a driver update will help.


      But no. They don't work either, as some installed, while others just stalled, as in kaput, no go. As fast as the auto updater selects and downloads the required update the installer of aforementioned downloads fails to complete and chokes, which makes me wonder if the planet became square at some point and it is a highly classified secret. So in the interests of preserving what little sanity I have left can someone advise me if it is possible to cure this wayward piece of electron chewing distilment.


      And the chokers are:


      Intel Management Engine

      Intel HD graphics driver for Windows 10

      Thunderbolt bus driver for Intel






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          Hello iFaulty

          Did you install the latest drivers (and bios) from the Intel site? If not you should.

          - Download the driver bundle from Intel site: https://downloadmirror.intel.com/DriverPackages/Intel-NUC-Kit-NUC7i5BNH_Win10-64_Drivers.20170621.zip

          - Extract the zip on your NUC.

          - Install each driver manually starting from chipset driver and than the Intel Management Engine. Do not use Intel Driver Update tool which is full of bugs.

          - Then install all the other drivers (the sequence of installation is not important). You don't need reboot you computer after each driver installation, but only in the end.




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            Hi Leon,


            Thanks for the info.


            Did what you suggested, but still have a problem with Intel Management Engine choking during the install. The Graphics pack did work after a second download. While the Thunderbolt link just flatly refuses to download.


            Now the original symptom of no wifi when any device is using the audio jack has changed to a less server disconnect for about 10 seconds, which is an improvement but not sure why the graphics install would make this change to audio or wifi.


            Guess I am stuck with some weird gremlin in this machine until a better update comes along. The most perplexing is the fact the Thunderbolt link wont even start to download. Just wondering if you actually need a device plugged into the port for that to cause the download to happen which would seem somewhat odd.


            Thanks for the help.

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              Sorry to hear that your problem is not solved yet. The link I've give you was to download complete driver package (all drivers and bios zipped in one zip). I've tried to download the all package by my self and it was downloaded without any problem. I've successfully downloaded the Thunderbolt driver, separately from the driver package. So, may be you have some problem with your internet connection? One more question - is your bios updated with the latest one version 0046?

              If some driver did not installed completely, uninstall it from Hardware Manager and install again from your downloaded version.





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                Hi Leon


                Managed to get everything downloaded and installed. BIOS is up to date, which I updated previously. Now all is working properly and hopefully this device will have nothing go wrong for a long time.


                Thanks for the help and best regards to you.