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    Windows 10 Creators Update video issue




      I was notified by Windows Update that my system was ready to be upgraded to Windows 10 Creators Update. I always prefer to do clean installs, so I use the media creation tool and cleanly installed Windows 10 Creators Update.


      I have my monitor set to turn off after a set period of time, but sometimes when I want the display to resume (by moving my mouse or keyboard), the screen will turn black and elements of my browsers (Edge and Firefox) will be missing. Windows reports the my video driver is up to date. I had absolutely no issues whatsoever with the display on the Anniversary Update.


      Event Viewer reports the following:

      "Display driver igfx stopped responding and has successfully recovered."


      I also don't play any games at all, so it's not related to that.


      I have tried closing all open applications, thinking it might be a conflict with one of those, but the issue continued regardless of whether or not apps were open (obviously there are still background tasks and services running). Previously, the display stopped responding only when I used my keyboard or mouse to resume the monitor from sleep (the PC is not set to sleep or hibernate), but I checked Device Manager this morning and there's an entry overnight for the display not responding, so now the display not responding even when I'm not resuming the monitor from sleep.


      Note that this doesn't happen every single time I resume the monitor from sleep.


      My system has onboard graphics:

      HP Pavilion p6324uk Desktop PC Product Specifications | HP® Customer Support


      Driver version:

      Date: 26/11/2012


      I would really appreciate some help here.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Al Hill

          Your processor and integrated graphics are not supported on Windows 10.


          However, your nvidia G210 does have a windows 10 64-bit driver:

          NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce 342.01 Driver WHQL


          If you are not using your G210, you should be.  It can only help.



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            Thanks for the reply.


            I have been using Windows 10 since the first public release without issue - no video or processor issues whatsoever. The video issues have only appeared since installing the Creators Update. Prior to installing Windows 10 for the first time, I ran the hardware compatibility checker, and it reported there was no hardware issues.


            PS The G210 failed, hence why I had to revert to onboard graphics.

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              Al Hill

              Nonetheless, your processor and integrated graphics are not supported.  There are no Windows 10 drivers from Intel, or from HP.


              Get yourself a new G210 or another card that is compatible, or get a new/newer machine that is supported on Windows 10.



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                Intel Corporation
                This message was posted on behalf of Intel Corporation

                Hello Thommo14,
                Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
                Al Hill is right this processor does not support Windows® 10, it does not mean that you cannot use Windows® 10 with this system but since it is not supported you will encounter with issues sooner or later.
                I understand that Windows® 10 was working fine before on your system but as soon as Microsoft start releasing new updates like the Creators Update you will encounter problem for the lack of compatibility with your processor.
                One thing that Microsoft recommends —unless you’re an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issues—that you wait until the Windows 10 Creators Update is automatically offered.
                Best regards,
                Ivan U.

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                  I have waited for the update to become available, but I'm still having the same issue. Seeing as I'm not in position financially to purchase a new video card, I'm going to have to try and find a solution for the integrated video.


                  I have a couple of questions I hope you can help me out with:


                  1. I have ran the Intel Update Utility and it reports there is an updated driver for my chipset (please see attached screenshot). The utility warns that this driver is generic and I would lose additional customisation added by my manufacturer. I guess this doesn't apply to me as I have done a clean install. Do you think it's worth installing this driver to see if it resolves the issue?


                  2. I understand the previous points about support and that there are no recent drivers for the Intel HD Graphics, but do you know if there are any older drivers I might be able to try instead of the one currently installed? (Please see attached screenshot for current driver information.)


                  Thank you.


                  Intel Driver Update Utility.png

                  Intel HD Driver.png

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                    Al Hill

                    Save yourself a lot of time and frustration, and purchase another g210 (or other compatible card).  There are plenty on that auction site for less than $20 US. 

                    Otherwise, this issue will continue to plague you.  There is no support, and no driver to help you.


                    Sorry for being blunt, but that is the reality of the situation.