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    No 5.1 Sound on  Kaby Lake i5 7200U with HD620 Graphics


      Win10x64 (not CU) chip set drivers ( and graphics driver (win64_154519.4678)


      I'm on a Kaby Lake i5 7200U with HD620 Graphics and have the problem that only left and right speakers give sound, the others are silent. I am on the very latest chip set drivers ( and graphics driver (win64_154519.4678). The problem still persists. When I test the sound output, Windows indicates that it tries to output sopund via the other 4 Speakers (central; woofer; rear surround), but no sound;


      The HDMI sound sink is a Panasonic TV connected via HDMI; I'm using a splitter to get the sound from the HDMI signal and put it over TOS to my AV-Receiver which has no HDMI Input;


      How to overcome this?

      Thanks in advance

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello ctm001,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Please bear in mind that Intel has not validated any splitters or adapters to work with the Intel graphics, also at this point your best contact support is with your computer manufacturer as they are more familiar with your system and how all the components interact with each other. Also your computer manufacturer can provide you with a list of supported components and configuration for your system (BIOS update, software update etc).
          This driver has been tested with straight connection (no splitters) and it works without issues.
          If you try the graphics driver from your computer manufacturer do you get the same problem?
          Check with your computer manufacturer to find out what is the proper graphics driver for your system, they may have altered the feature, incorporated customizations or made other changes to your driver to have it work based on your system configuration.
          Ivan U.