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    SRIOV IXGBE Trust Mode


      Hi All,


      I am trying to launch on VMs on RHEL7.3. I am using SRIOV for VM networking and default ixgbe version which comes along with RHEL7.3 is version: 4.4.0-k-rh7.3.

      Though I am successfully able to send icmp traffic between VM and remote side physical machine.


      But, I am trying to configure my VM as plain L2 device, with capability to accept packets with Unknown Unicast address. For this, I am configuring the VF in trust mode, but I am still see packets with mac addresses other than VF mac gets dropped.


      So, can any one please confirm if 82599ES nic card has any hardware limitation due to which it won't support unicast promiscuous mode ?  or has anyone made it work with 82599ES nic card?


      Thanks in advance.