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    The DX79TO "I cannot F2 to bios or F10 boot Menu BUG!!!!"


      Well, it seams that I have got this again!  I cannot access the BIOS with F2 or any other way! Nor can I access the Boot Menu!  I was able to re-flash the bios (650) back to (650)

      I had this problem before for like 2 days I don't know what I did to fix it, but it was running really slow and almost all the memory was reserved!  Then on a reboot it was just fine/!?!!?!?!??!!?

      I could not access the BIOS with F2 or the Boot Menu with F10.   The Bios jumper doesn't do anything ( but did work when I took it all the way out. and continuously hit the F7 

      with flash drive attached! and I re-flashed the same bios hoping that the NVram would clear. ha the battery out even and it updated! after it said reboot I put jumper back and the battery back

      still the same  :-(    I am on my 4th day of no computer. I have done all of the recommendations  such as remove all but one piece of Ram, took sound card out, reseated the video card

      So please can somebody give Me a little help or advise?   Thank You in advance!



      Machine Specs: DX79TO Motherboard with current (650) bios

                                 I7 3820 Cpu running at 3.6 Hhz.

                                 Corsair x90 CPU Watercooler

                                 32 GB Corsair "Vengeance' DDR 1866   10-11-10-30  running at XMP 1866 Mhz.

                                  MSI 960 GTX 4gb

                                  Sound Blaster SB5100 X-Fi pci-e x1

                                  Corsair  60 GB SSD

                                  2 X  Western Digital sata HD 1 TB  each

                                  Seagate Barracuda sata 2TB

                                  ASUS dvdR Burner

                                  Razer Black widow Ultimate edition

                                  Razer Death Adder 3500dpi


      Operation Sys:    Windows 10 Pro

                                  Various Linux Distros. (Mageia 6.0) at the moment.