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    NUC7i5BNH Rear USB ports not working




      I received my NUC7i5BNH last week, everything was working ok while I was setting up but since then the rear USB ports have stopped working, Windows 10 isn't detecting any connected devices, they're not showing a bootable drive from the boot menu but the same drive boots in the front ports, not showing a drive in the bios file manager, they don't even appear to have power as my snowball USB microphone isn't powering on yet it works in either of the front ports.


      I've tried downgrading the bios from 46 to 43 as that's what it arrived with, tried disabling and re-enabling the ports in the bios, removed all USB devices in Device Manager and then re-detected them.


      At one point they did appear to come back to life but Windows was constantly complaining that there was a USB power surge even though there was nothing connected to them. After a reboot they stopped working again.


      Any suggestions or do I need to think about returning it?