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    Eyestrain advice



      I stumbled upon this forum and am looking for guidance on finding a new laptop that doesn't cause eyestrain. I have using the same laptop for a few years with great success - HP G71-340US which comes with the Mobile Intel Series 4 Express Chipset and even picked up a couple as spares, upgrading with SSDs and memory and faster Core-2 CPUs to make them useful.  I am a programmer and stare at the screen for hours and hours and have never experienced a nit of eyestrain from this machine - however, it is huge (17.3") and heavy (10 pounds with a long life battery) and while I work for a Fortune 50 company that would buy me whatever I want, I have not been able to find a new notebook from ANY manufacturer that does not give me immediate eyestrain after 5 to 10 minutes.


      For years, I thought it was the HP Brightview (LED backlit) screen that was so great - so I did the ultimate experiment and swapped (yes, takeapart) the screen unit in a Toshiba Core i-5 laptop. I turned it on and experienced immediate eyestrain, meaning it was the Intel Chipset and not the screen on the Toshiba laptop that was causing the issues.


      I have tried the Surface Pro - eyestrain.

      I was excited when the Surface Book came out - eyestrain.

      I have tried all manner of Macbooks - from 2010 to newer Retina models - eyestrain.

      I have tried AMD machines with integrated AMD GPUs - eyestrain.

      I have tried so many laptops that I've lost count.


      Our 21.5 2010 iMac? no eyestrain - I can look at it for hours. My guess is that it has integrated AMD graphics.

      My work setup - three Dell 1908FP LCD monitors driven by AMD Radeon HD 6350? ZERO eyestrain.

      My home setup - old EP45-UD3P core-2 quad desktop with dual Radeon 9800 GPU with two Westinghouse 19" LCD monitors? zero eyestrain.

      iPhones? I have a 6 and 6S with zero eyestrain.


      The symptoms are as pernicious as they are odd: I get a headache within 5 or 10 minutes that lasts all day and doesn't go away until the following morning.

      I cannot be the only one with this issue. I welcome any ideas on new laptops that I can test.





      Below is a snapshot of my Windows 10 driver on my HP laptop that works with my Intel 4 Series integrated chipset HP laptop with zero eyestrain.