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    NUC7i5BNH doesn't turn on monitor after wake up (linux)


      Hello !


      My new NUC doesn't turn on monitor after OS went to sleep(Suspend).
      NUC is turning on, and OS is waking up, but monitor stays off.


      NUC model: NUC7i5BNH
      Monitor: Envision G2460w
      Cable: HDMI to DVI male-male cable with gold-plated connectors, 1.8m, bulk package (CC-HDMI-DVI-6)

      OS: elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki / Built on "Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS" / Linux 4.8.0-54-generic / installed in UEFI mode

      BIOS: 0046


      Was searching all over the internet, didn't found any solution :/
      Any ideas ?