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    SGX  AESM Service


      I  wish  to  create  a  SGX  platform in windows  and  now  I  install  all  app  of  the  SGX(Intel SGX SDK for Windows,PSW,SgxPlatformCapabilityTool....and so on).


      But  when  I  install  done, it says "Intel(R) SGX is currently disabled.

      Contact your computer manufacturer to see if SGX is supported on your platform."

      while  CLICK  the  "SgxPlatformCapabilityTool" .


      I  check  the  computer  event  to  make  sure  what  happen  is .


      It  says   "AESMService: SGX is Disabled at AESM Service startup "


      I  find  all  the  way  from  Google  but  I  can't  find  out


      Has anyone done this with or without issues?


      Thanks  a  lot .