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    Does Skylake-X Officially Support Windows 7?


      Does Skylake-X officially support Windows 7? Specifically, will Intel provide official drivers for Windows 7 for Skylake-X and the X299 chipset and will Microsoft provide continued security update support for Windows 7 systems running Skylake-X? Intel and Microsoft do not support Windows 7 on Kaby Lake, but do on Skylake, and it's unclear where Skylake-X lands. Someone else asked this question last year, but the question was closed as unknown at the time. Hopefully now that we're days away from release we can get a definitive answer.


      I need to build a system that multiboots Windows 7 and Windows 10, so that will be Skylake-X based if Windows 7 is still supported otherwise I'll have to consider between Skylake and Broadwell-E.