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    Euclid hotspot not showing up


      After i first booted the Euclid, I could see the hotspot available under EUCLID_78A3, and i could connect and access via websever at


      Then i shutdown, connected an hdmi monitor + keyboard and mouse, it booted up the desktop fine.


      Rebooted now wifi hotspot EUCLID_78A3 doesnt show up any more.


      Looking at the hotspot settings via the ubuntu desktop network connections, i see the hotspot set up.


      But i still can't see it on my other computer.


      Any suggestions?




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          HI Ryan,

          Assuming no change was made to current WiFi settings, and you tested the WiFi discovery with another device let me propose the straight forward....

          For testing what is the current connection in your Euclid please open terminal and run command 'nmcli con show'.

          The system will return the current connection details, it should be name 'hotspot' and the line should be green.

          If that's not the case please run command 'nmcli connection up hotspot'.

          That command should start your hotspot.

          For restarting the Euclid out of the box service you can run command 'sudo service oobe-init restart-oobe'.





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