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    Crash when two people are doing kissing-like gesture and coming close to each other


      We have a crash (that we are able to reproduce in the SDK examples) when two people come close to each other and do the "kiss" gesture with their lips. It can happen in less than twenty seconds if moving a bit, entering and leaving the camera area, etc...


      The stack trace (not very useful...) is as follows (sorry, in french; "inconnu" means "unknown"), when trying in the Face Tracking example:


           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb9ebe3()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb9e454()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb9dd10()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb58c59()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fca83b6()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fca84e0()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb581d6()    Inconnu

           libpxcface_idc.dll!0fb581d6()    Inconnu


      Realsense SR300, SDK R3, Windows 10