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    i5 6500 PCH fail and random power outages




      Since I've built my computer a few months ago I've been experiencing random power outages. Out of the blue my computer will power off. No warning, no blue screen, just instant power down. I can turn it back on immediately and it will work just fine (until another power out occurs).

      They seem to be pretty random and not related to the workload of the PC. I can play games for hours and I've also run some stress tests and keeping track of temperatures, but it works fine. But even when idling or just browsing or working in Wndows, it will power down. Somtimes 3 times a day sometimes not for 3 days.

      I suspected the power supply, but since Ive replaced it with a brand new one, the problem persists.


      Now I've run the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool and it fails on the PCH Check (see attached screenshot), so my guess is that the problem is related to it. But I;'m not sure how to proceed. Is my processor faulty? Is the motherboard the issue? Or something else?


      Also attached is a HWInfo summary of my rig. I've update the bios of the motherboard (Gigabyte GA-B150M-D3H) to the latest version.


      Any help would be very much appreciated.