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    Intel HD Graphics 4400 i3 4030U Haswell Windows 8.1 driver




      I'm looking to update my Video Driver with the last one because i have a huge drop on fps on the most recent games ...the Graphic Card is an Intel HD Graphic 4400 that runs on i3 4030U Haswell but i didn't find a driver that runs on Windows 8.1 that fits with Haswell code name. Only 5th generations Broadwell and 6th Generations Skylake that running on windows 8.1. I need a driver of 4th generation Haswell that runs on Windows 8.1

      I've tried all the drivers that you're having on drivers section on the website, including those who said " Support 4th Generation and U platform" , they doesn't fit and came out with an error when i m trying to install them, it says " the driver beeing installed is not validated for this computer. please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer". The one on computer manufacturer is the one that i have now, and only one. On the other hand, the driver that fits Haswell but is running on windows 10 is good, but it says i can't install it because i don't fit minimum requirements, truly, i m running windows 8.1....so, what i can do about it? I need an windows 8.1 driver..it can't be found anywhere? i was expected to find it on Intel website....but from what i'm seeing, none of the drivers fits with my CPU 4th Generation.


      Thank you!