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    d975xbx2 continuous whine at boot up - help?


      My bad axe is just over 3 years old. It has started making a continuos whine at boot (right after the splash screen where you can enter the bios), will go on indefinetly unless I hit enter repeatedly, or click the mouse over and over. Once booted, no noises. I know it's not the hd's, but can't tell where it is coming from. Not the power supply. I have 2 gigs memory, never get out of memory alert, haven't made any big changes to configuration / programs. core 2 duo 6400 processor. Any help with diagnostics / explanation / hope greatly appreciated!

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          You may need to test your system with the less components installed possible, for example just test the motherboard, with power supply, video card, processor, fan and Heat Sink and one stick of memory. Remove any other components installed. If possible test the motherboard out of the chassis, placed on a non-conductive surface like a newspaper, a magazine or something similar. This would be to isolate this from being a noise from a chassis fan or a noise coming from another component. In addition check if the noise comes from the processor's fan or the video card's fan (if any is present).