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    Intel Iris 5100 driver fail in Windows 10 Creator on mac mini '14


      Hi !

      I can't update my windows 10 anniversary (build 1607) to Creator build (1701) on my my mac mini 2014.

      Update to Creator build it is  impossible with installed video driver, so I uninstall Intell HD Audio & Video drivers.

      Then Creators update go to lucky end. But, when I try install fresh Intel drivers, my mac put in BSOD with error:


      Source: ACPI.sys


      This BSOD get only on mac mini 2014 hw, so I guess this is apple problem, but apple helpdesk directs me to helpdesk microsoft, and helpdesk microsoft to helpdek intel.

      That's why I am writing here .


      It's serious problem, creator update works fine on my mac but on microsoft default video driver, so I can't play any movie from player or youtoube site .


      Please update Iris drivers for mac mini hw !!