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    DQ67SW will not power on


      I have a DQ67SW and i7-2600 with no cards installed and 64GB of memory.  When I turn on the power switch on the supply he standby-power LED

      turns green but if I press the power switch it will not turn on .

      I test with two diferents power suply



      * CPU power connector check

      * Motherboard power connector check

      * Boot with single stick of RAM/RAM fully inserted check

      * CPU installed correctly? (I assume it is, it was working properly before without any tampering)

      * CPU fan plugged in check

      * System speaker connected check


      Please Help Me

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          64GB? Are you sure? That would be 4 DIMMs, each 16GB in size. Memory totals greater than 32GB and DIMMs larger than 8GB in size are *not* supported by this board. If you really have this size DIMMs, this will explain why you are seeing an issue...


          Presuming that that was a typo, please explain how you got to this point. Is this a new build? If not, what happened (be verbose in your explanation; explain what happened, what did you attempt to do about it, etc.)



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            32 gb sorry by the mistake .

            i solved the problem ,

            Connect the power supply to the motherboard and made a bridge by attaching the green wire to the black wire. Then connect the source to the electric current and the computer turned on, generated a bios error but came back to life. Then remove the bridge I made and the computer now works correctly. I think the bios suffered a short or something like that



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              Hhmmm, could this be one of those situations where the power supply requires a certain load before it will power on and the motherboard (with processor, etc.) is (still) not meeting this loading requirement?