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    Euclid Realsense ROS SLAM Demo




      Is there a recommended SLAM demo for ROS on the Euclid?  One that actually builds maps that can be displayed with rViz?


      I saw pointers to the R300 RealSense SLAM samples in a prior message thread.


      Specifically, using code from here: GitHub - IntelRealSense/realsense_samples_ros: Sample code illustrating how to develop ROS applications using the Intel®…


      Once I eliminated the realsense_ros_object piece of the project (as noted in a different thread that the "object" headers aren't in the current Euclid distribution), I was able to build the samples and run the SLAM demo.


      However, the SLAM code doesn't actually start (rViz runs, but is not receiving any map messages).  I can also tell it's not working because I never even get the "Starting SLAM..." info message on the console.


      I suspect there are subtle issues, such as which topics the sample code expects to have accel and gyro samples published.


      Before I really beat myself up trying to figure out what I may be doing wrong (or right), can someone from Intel give me at least a thumbs up or down whether any of this should work?


      It would be really great to have a working SLAM example for the Euclid...  Or, at least a promise of one soon.