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    Chipset G41 Express can't be installed/updated.


      Hello everyone! This is my first post within the community, and I'd be happy to keep posting. This is my problem:


      I started having some issues with a certain game (Battlefield 2) and I contacted EA Support to ask for help. They told me I should update some of my drivers and so I went to the download section and I got the Driver Update Utility. It identified what I had to update and I downloaded it. It was the Chipset G41 Express. When I try to update it, the loading bar goes back and it gives me an error:





      "Error desconocido" means unknown error.

      What can I do? I need to update this in order to play the game I want to play. I have Windows 10 and all the requirements for the game.

      I hope you guys can help me. Cheers!