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    Upgrade i5-5200u to i5-6200u on Asus VM590L


      Hello! Can I upgrade my i5-5200u to i5-6200u on my Asus VM590L? I'm not sure if it's soldered on but the two are kind of the same so it COULD be upgraded right?

      If not, how can I optimize for best performance?


      Also, can i5-5200u utilize all 12gb of my RAM, or have I wasted the expansion?

      sorry for the many questions. halp pls

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          Al Hill

          I could not find your motherboard on the ASUS site.


          These are the two processors you are asking about:

          Intel® Product Specification Comparison


          No, you cannot upgrade for two simple reasons.

          1, they use different sockets

          2. they are soldered to the motherboard.


          Even if they used the same socket, and were not soldered, the ASUS BIOS would have to support the upgrade processor.

          For any upgrade, the upgrade processor has to be socket, BIOS, and chipset compatible.


          Review this:  Intel® Desktop Processor Upgrade Information


          Also, when you find your motherboard on the ASUS site, there will be a list of compatible processors/CPUs.  But, all of this is moot as your processor is soldered to the board.


          Regarding memory, the amount of memory is dictated by the motherboard.  Look at the specifications for your board.