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    CPU intel core 4210U



      I would like some questions the following are:

      1) What does Hyper-Threading mean?

      If the HT active on this Intel 4210U processor will have more CPU speeds?

      My processor supports it.

      2) I often use a video editing program called Corel Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Version 20.6.

      Is it ideal to activate this HT?

      And if I leave it always active that happens? I have a SSD from 240Gb SO windows 10 Home 64bit and 4Gb of RAM.

      3) If I use it to play slowdowns if I have HT?

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Obviously I'm doing tests on this CPU with not too heavy video editing anyway if it was good if I had a high-frequency CPU model it was better and a bit more ram

      For another year i will turn another pc


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