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    Realsense SDK w/ OR on the Euclid




      I need to run an app that uses the OR module from the Realsense SDK for Linux on my Euclid.

      My application requires to have the SLAM module working at the same time.


      The obvious ways to do it don't work:

      - the SDK's OR headers are not present on my Euclid, I'm assuming the SDK has been compiled without the OR module

      - I can't compile the SDK because the Euclid's librealsense fork is too old. I guess I could compile an older version, but I'd rather not run into bugs that have already been fixed

      - the SLAM module requires the IMU so I can't just switch librealsense to trunk and update the SDK

      - having two versions of the SDK, each with its own version of librealsense running at the same time, doesn't sound like a great idea


      MajdS,amitmoran, what's your advice?