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    Powering BLKSTK2mv64CC with non-original charger


      Hi all,


      I have a project where I'm hoping to use the BLKSTK2mv64CC, stick with Intel M5. Now the problem that I have is that this unit needs to be run off a battery and not off the included wall adapter. I've tried using several different USB adapters that are rated for 3A or more, but the unit keeps restarting as described here Issues When Using USB Ports to Power the Intel® Compute Stick. In no case does it work with a USB 2.0/3.0 A cable to USB C.


      My question is: how does the stick differentiate between a capable USB port and a non-capable port that endlessly restarts the machine? It seems like it can't be just any charger, because it doesn't work with other high quality charger like an Apple 5V/2.4A. How can I make it work with a charger that's powerful enough?