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    My i7 6700k is overheating / not performing well.


      I just recently (this past december) got a brand new i7 6700k processor and it is overheating a bit. I mentioned it to a friend and he said that he went on the forums here and got help with his Extreme Tuning Utility settings making his processor work how it should.


      I have the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility downloaded already, and I was wondering if someone could help me make the settings fit my build so I don't cause long term heat damage.


      The processor maxes out around 70 C on idle. Even more when I am streaming / heavy processes. Another problem I had was my ram would max out when I streamed and played Overwatch, but my computer is pretty beefy, it should be able to handle streaming Overwatch 720p 60fps with 16gb of ddr4 ram.


      I attached screenshots of my Tuning settings, keep in mind they are all default. All my specs should be posted in there too.


      Thank you in advance for all the help <3