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    kaby lake i5-7500 wont run at spec frequency



      My i5-7500 will only run at 3,69 Ghz but is rated for 3,4-3,8 Ghz.Its not alot but I would really have it run at specs!

      Its barely a month old and I have tried everything I can think of!-though I`m not a pc-expert by any stretch...The rest of my system is also completely new.

      I know that some cpu`s run at different frequencies than others but it can be this much off,can it???I have run IntelProcessor Diagnostic Tool 64bit and it passed on all counts.A BurnTest also went very well and the cpu is 100% stabile.

      I have always gotten very good help through different forums and I`m sure I will here,too!


      Thanks in advance,Eddie M.

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          Intel Corporation
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          Hello ddmeltzer8,
          Thank you for contacting the Intel community.
          Your processor is fine, this frequency that it shows is ok, your processor frequency is 3.40 GHz as you can see at the processor specifications, your processor is able to reach up to 3.80 GHz with the Turbo Boost frequency but this frequency only works when the system needs it. It is not active all the time or when idles, your processor can run at a higher frequency than 3.40 Ghz if applications that you run requires it, other than that it will stay around 3.40 Ghz.
          I hope this helps,
          Best regards,
          Ivan U.

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