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    Installing dnsmasq on Edison


      Greetings Community,


      I'm trying to setup a Captive Portal (no authentication just a page with a button that leads you to the main/default browser) for my Edison platform. I researched how the Captive Portals get detected and it's all just pretty straight forward, the OS you are using to connect is loading an URL for which he already knows the exact response to expect. If it gets a Error 404 it means you are offline, if gets OK 200 with the same data as expected it means you are online and if it gets OK 200 but with different data, it means you're behind a Captive Portal and the OS will display it as a Splash Page. More info available here: Tanaza Success Portal https://success.tanaza.com/s/article/ka0570000004OtgAAE/How-Automatic-Detection-of-Captive-Portal-works?KB.getIdeaArticle=1&KB.getDocumentationArticle=1&KB.isUserExternal=1&KB.getUserFederationIdentifier=1&KB.getAPByKBUrlNameAllFields=2&KB.getUserEmail=1&KB.isUserInternal=1&KB.getTrainingArticle=1&KB.getProblemSolutionArticle=1&KB.getGeneralQAArticle=1&KB.getFirmwareInstructionsArticle=1&r=3&KB.getDocumentationTOC=1&KB.getProductTooltipArticle=1&Quarterback.validateRoute=1&KB.getKnownIssueArticle=1&KB.getTopicsOfArticle=1&KB.getArticle=6&KB.getHowToArticle=1&KB.getTechQAArticle=1&KB.getGlossaryArticle=1


      As my system is completely offline I'm trying to redirect all traffic from any requested IP/domain:80 to my html Splash Page. I don't know if it's even possible to do so with HTTPS requests but I believe HTTP should work without any problems. Been trying to install dnsmasq using source available at http://bit.ly/2sGl6K7 by transferring the source to the Edison /home and running make install. Couldn't find the config file which should be at /etc/dnsmasq.conf.


      Here you can see how I plan to use dnsmasq: http://bit.ly/2s82zFy


      Screenshot attached of what I get after running make install / Do you have any alternative, am I missing something?



      Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 3.57.11 PM.png

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          Hello tessaMini,

          Thanks for reaching out!

          I just installed dnsmasq just like you. Indeed dnsmasq.conf is not stored in /etc/, however, I was able to find that it is in /home/root/dnsmasq-2.77/dbus/dnsmasq.conf (assuming that you untared the source in /home/root).

          I'm not sure why this file is not being moved to the expected path, if you copy the file from /home/root/dnsmasq-2.77/dbus/dnsmasq.conf and you still have issues, I suggest you to contact dnsmasq's developers (http://www.thekelleys.org.uk/) in order to get further assistance.

          I hope this information helps you,
          Pedro M.