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    Connectivity issues with SR300


      Hello community,


      Since some month I'm working with the RealSense SR300 for a project with unity.

      A few days ago, I bought a new laptop and now I'm facing the same problems as you can see in the video from ipas (SR300 usb-disconnects when camera turns active - unusable ) and as mentioned in this thread Re: Problem with Intel Realsense SR 300 camera

      Everytime I connect the camera to the PC and start the cameraExplorer app from the realSense SDK I get the message "ERROR - Device failed due to malfunctioning".

      Installed are the SR300 Depth Camera Manager and the RealSense SDK

      I tried out all the steps recommended in this post Troubleshooting Connectivity or Power Issues with Intel® RealSense™ Cameras

      Nothing really helped, except the powered USB-Hub. When the camera is connect via a powered USB-Hub the cameraExplorer can start most of the time (sometimes it still gives me the error message right at the start).

      But if it starts the streams, it only works between 1-5 minutes and looses the connection after that time period.

      I would be really glad if it is somehow possible to get the SR300 constantly working on my system, in the best case without the need of a powered USB-Hub.

      That you in advance for your help.

      Kind regards,