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    NUC7i5BNH Resume from S3 not working properly


      NUC7i5BNH with latest bios 0046 running Windows 10 Professional fully patched with Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver device in either of the front USB ports. Consumer IR Device enabled in the bios, also wake on IR checked for both S3 and S4/S5 states in the bios:


      1. Power toggle button on Harmony 200 remote puts NUC to sleep.

      2. Hitting power toggle button again repeatedly shortly after putting the NUC to sleep wakes the NUC again.

      3. Waiting any length of time after putting the NUC to sleep then pressing the power toggle button repeatedly fails to wake the NUC again.


      Mouse or keyboard can always wake the NUC from sleep after any length of time.


      The same USB eHome Infrared Transceiver device  and harmony 200 combination is used successfully to sleep and wake both a NUC D54250WYK and NUC NUC6I5SYH.