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    Use SPI and I2C with Euclid to talk to Arduino


      I want to send/receive data from Arduino Zero to Euclid with SPI and I2C.

      Euclid product datasheet has this info:

      "debug hook - LPC, USB debug, UART, SPI, I2C".

      1. Why is SPI/I2C called "debug hook" - maybe because some of the internal Euclid sensors are attached to the SPI and I2C?

      2. Can I use the SPI and I2C from the debug hook to talk to Arduino using Intel's MRAA library mraa: Main Page ? MRAA supports SPI and I2C for Joule, Galileo and Edison boards, but Euclid is not listed.


      I plan for a project with 10+ servos daisy chained on a I2C bus and controlled either directly by Euclid or from Arduino talking to Euclid. The servos send a lot of feedback: temperature, torque, position, etc and UART may be slow.