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      *****06-27-2017 NOTE: I've now been getting BSOD's with error code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION in the last couple weeks. Happens randomly. A few Google searches shows it may be related to (again) uninstalling and reinstalling new chipset drivers. No doubt in my mind this is an Intel-specific issue with Windows 10 Creator's Update (i.e. version 1703), because I've deployed far too many Dell/HP/Lenovo workstations in the field and not one other report of these types of BSOD's. Though I know it's not all Intel's fault, the sheer frequency is far higher on NUC generations, specifically my own NUC7i7. Here's what my BlueScreenView app shows for the WATCHDOG error (though it doesn't actually say it for some reason):




      *****ORIGINAL POST FROM JUNE 14th, 2017*******


      If I log in immediately after the NUC boots (within 1-2 seconds), I have multiple NUC6i3, NUC6i5 and NUC7i7 computers that will lock up and give a BSOD about DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE, as shown below:


      NUC error.jpeg


      I have about a dozen NUC's deployed, all NUC6i3 or NUC6i5's save for my own NUC7i7. The ONLY ones experiencing these BSOD's are the ones with Windows 10 Creator's update installed. Even after installing the Windows patches for today, June 13th, my own NUC7i7 still locks up. This definitely appears to be related to Windows, but note that none of the many other non-NUC desktops I have deployed with Creator's Update are crashing like this, so it appears to be entirely an issue with Intel NUC's on the latest Windows 10 Creator's Update and appears to only occur if users log in immediately when the login box appears. If we delay logging into the computer for, say about 2 minutes, there are no lockups. Don't know what to make of that, but I can successfully run all these systems without this BSOD if I merely delay logging on for that short period of time.


      All these NUC's have the latest BIOS, display driver, etc. so please try to remember this is not an issue of not having the latest BIOS/driver. I'm hoping there's some setting I can disable that'll allow my users to log in as quickly as they want in the future. I have listed by Blue Screen View error below:



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