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    Getting started


      I just got the Spark fun Inventors Kit. What all do I need to do to get this thing running. The Kit came with the Base board GPIO and Intel edison chip. I tryed fallowing the get started directions best as I could. But it keep saying driver error. thats as far as I could get. Please help.@

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          Hi Tobyprotsman,
          Thanks for your interest in the Intel® Edison platform.
          I would like to know which Getting Started guide you have followed, moreover, I’d recommend to follow this one: Intel® Edison Board User Guide - Installing drivers, it contains steps to install drivers for the Intel Edison board, you can look at the “Installing drivers for your board on a system with Windows” link. In case your host Operating System is not Windows, there you will also find instructions for Mac and Linux.   
          Let me know if this information helps.
          -Yermi A.

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            I just managed to complete the setup process. It was rather frustrating because I kept getting error messages. I posted my steps here which you might find helpful and hopefully will work for you.


            1. Insert the Intel Edison board to the Arduino expansion board as shown in https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/628221.

            2. Make sure the Edison board is completely pressed downward and levelled (not skewed).

            3. Download the configuration tool as described in https://software.intel.com/en-us/get-started-edison-windows-step2.

            4. Follow the steps to install the drivers.

            5. When the drivers were installed, I got 3 COM ports, namely, Intel Edison USB Composite Device, Intel Edison Virtual COM port and USB Serial Port.

            6. Before continuing to the second step (Flash the firmware), unplug the board if it is plugged to the computer.

            7. Select Flash the firmware and go through the wizard until it asks to plug and reboot the board.

            8. Plug in the DC power to the board, top micro USB to the computer followed by the bottom micro USB.

            9. It should progress to the next step – flashing the image.

            • In my earlier attempts, the software did not detect my board. It could be because the Intel Edison board was not levelled properly, or due to the sequence of the DC power and USB connections, or a combination of the above.

            10. In my case, it threw an error, “failed to flash image.”

            11. I resorted to the manual flash as instructed in https://software.intel.com/en-us/flashing-firmware-on-your-intel-edison-board-windows.

            12. Download



            13. Unplug the board from power and USB ports.

            14. Unzip the iot-devkit image to a folder and move dfu-util.exe and libusb-1.0.dll to this folder.

            15. Open a command console with administrator priviledge (not sure if admin is needed).

            16. Execute flashall – will pause at “Please plug and reboot the board”.

            17. Plug in the DC power to the board.

            18. Plug in the top micro-USB, followed by the bottom one.

            19. The flashing should continue.

            20.    manual_flash.PNG

            21. Return to the configuration tool software and continue with the remaining 2 items (SSH and WiFi)

            22. I did not encounter any problem with these two processes.


            Afterwards, I updated the board manager in my Arduino IDE. See IoT - Installing the Arduino* IDE | Intel® Software . This step was quite straightforward. In my earlier attempts, I could not get the DS2 LED to blink. After I properly levelled the Edison board, it worked. So, make sure the Edison board is properly inserted. If you notice even a 0.5 mm gap on the connector, may be the board is not making a good contact yet.

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              Hi Tobyprotsman,

              I would like to know if you have any updates or if you still need help with this case.
              -Yermi A.