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    SR300 - Unity 5.2.4 - RSSDK 2016 R2 - User Segmentation Crash




      I am currently trying to upgrade an existing project the used R200 to use the SR300. I've updated the Unity project to use the Unity Toolkit from the RSSDK 2016 R2. I've tested all the Unity sample scene's and they all work fine with the SR300, but my project fails on when trying to call Enable3DSeg with no error logs, Unity just stops responding and needs to be restarted. If I comment out the call the Enable3DSeg my project runs fine, although obviously the portions of the project that try and do the User Segmentation don't actually work.


      I've tried the User Segmentation samples found in the Intel RealSense SDK Sample Browser and once again it is working as expected.


      I am looking for some help in getting this to work in Unity with the SR300.


      Thank you.