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    Having doubts with motherboard temperatures


      Configuration : DG33FB + E6550 (2 year old desktop machine - runs almost 12-16 hours every day - no games or any heavy applications, mostly internet, multimedia, word processing)


      It has come to my attention that the motherboard temperatures are quite high. Here is a report :


      Field    Value
      Sensor Properties   
      Sensor Type    Intel QST  (HECI Driver)
      Motherboard Name    Intel DG33BU / DG33FB / DG33SXG2 / DG33TL / DP35DP
      Motherboard    50 °C  (122 °F)
      CPU    50 °C  (122 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #1    40 °C  (104 °F)
      CPU #1 / Core #2    39 °C  (102 °F)
      North Bridge    70 °C  (158 °F)
      South Bridge    87 °C  (189 °F)
      Seagate ST3250310AS    43 °C  (109 °F)
      Cooling Fans   
      CPU    943 RPM
      Voltage Values   
      CPU Core    1.18 V
      +3.3 V    3.42 V
      +5 V    5.07 V
      +12 V    12.01 V
      North Bridge Core    1.24 V


      I would like to know if the temperatures are within the safety limits ? I am particularly concerned about the South Bridge which is about 78 C at start-up and keeps on rising gradually, but never falling inspite of leaving the machine idle for some time. I have noticed that it touches 91-92 C frequently after viewing videos or playing songs in Windows Media Player.


      I would be grateful if one of you guys could give me an idea if something is wrong with my system. So far it has worked very fine.