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    Intel Edison Board Configuration Tool: "Unsupported OS" error


      I'm in the "Getting Started" setup phase for Edison, running the  Intel_Edison_Setup_Lin_2016.2.002/install_GUI,sh script.

      The script runs a config tool gui, which, after a few failed  tries, manages to  download the iot_data.xml file.

      After getting through that hurdle, the following error is given:



      Unsupported OS
      Detected operating system is not supported. Supported operating systems for this release are:

      • Ubuntu* 12.04 (Intel(R) 64), 13.04 (Intel(R) 64), 14.04 (Intel(R) 64), 15.04 (Intel(R) 64)


      I'm using  "xenial" Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS .    Why is the Edison installation tool only support  old versions?
      It would be OK if the installation were being done by a script, because I'd just fix it myself.  However, the installation

      uses compiled binaries. 


      Can you refer me to either the updated installation/config scripts/binaries, or at least the source code for them?