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      错误提示:intel rs sdk runtime ia32 personify 10 0 26 396.msi

      如下图。。。之前玩steam的游戏facerig的时候安装了,然后后来因为安装不正确 卸载之后




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          Kishiya, I am going to try to explain your problem in English to the other users of this forum.


          Rough translation of title: RealSense SDK runtime cannot be reinstalled after uninstalling.


          I am going to take the chance of translating in Japanese, since Kishiya is primarily a Japanese name despite the fact that the characters in the post are also applicable to Chinese (since some of the Japanese language inherits from Chinese symbols). I apologize Kishiya if I have chosen the wrong language!


          Very rough translation of my interpretation of the original message: Kishiya installed the Steam version of Facerig and then uninstalled it.  He tried installing RealSense SDK version 10 0 26 396 but the installation keeps failing, and he would like to know why.  10 0 26 396 is version '2016 R2'.


          Regarding the image, I cannot translate it because it is an image and could not find one with a similar layout in English, but the version number in the bottom corner suggests to me that the problem is with installing the SDK runtime and not the DCM.


          I seem to remember that Facerig stopped working with RealSense after the '2016 R1' SDK.  So that may be why Kishiya uninstalled Facerig after trying it with '2016 R2' and finding it would not work.

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            Hi kishiya,

            Do you still need assistance with this thread? Please consider that the support staff of this community replies only in English. If possible, please post your questions in English so that we, and other community members can better understand your issue and provide a faster resolution.

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              I have the same problem during installation of OBS. The error message was "Source file invalid: intel_rs_sdk_runtime_ia32_personify_10_0_26_396.msi" which teminated the setup wizard prematurely.

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                I managed to identify the 'personify' term in RealSense's feature code list as being related to the 'user segmentation' algorithm of RealSense.


                Intel® RealSense™ SDK 2016 R2 Documentation


                Although the documentation states the feature as being for the F200 and SR300 camera models in the title heading, it adds shortly after this statement that the user segmentation algorithm works only with the F200 camera.


                When you say 'OBS', Kaio, do you mean Open Broadcaster Software?




                One person who was having trouble getting RealSense to work with the green screen feature of OBS (which would be related to segmentation) fixed it by checking the option to install the RealSense plugin during OBS' installation process.  If this option is not selected during installation then OBS apparently treats the RealSense camera like an ordinary webcam.

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                  I downloaded the RealSense SDK 2016 R2 from the following address and installed smoothly with above errors, though the web runtime itself takes 700MB+ and offline takes almost 2GB for download:



                  Yes. I mean Open Broadcaster Software.


                  After I have installed from above web runtime file of SDK 2016 R2, my OBS can display my face with background automatically removed (even no green screen or anything extra config of filters in OBS needed). Also, yes you have to check the option to install RS plugin during OBS installation process. In my case, the error messages on the top of this thread was what I experienced, because OBS installation will bring you to installation of RealSense SDK 2016 R2 when you check the option to install RS plugin.


                  My experiment results proved that even the docu mentioned background segmentation only works with F200, it worked with SR300.


                  However, my system currently have both SDK R2 and R3 installed, despite before installation of R2 my SR300 didn't work in OBS. I dislike that fact that R3 has no backward compatibility which confused the developers.

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                    I would normally not recommend having both R2 and R3 installed on the same machine due to the potential for conflicts.  However, given the complex mix of programs on your machine (R2, R3 and OBS), it may be safer to just leave it as it is and pretend that R3 is not there!  Otherwise you risk removing something that OBS is relying upon.


                    I'm glad you managed to get the camera working with OBS. 

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                      Hope next SDK release can support cameras of both R2 and R3 covered.