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    Can you power a sensor off of the NUC5i3MYHE DC power header?




      The NUC I am referring to is the NUC5i3MYHE.

      I have a small sensor that can accept 19V power (10V-24V).  This sensor has a very low current draw of 30 mA.

      I read that when you plug in the external power supply, you get 19V on the internal DC power header.

      Is it safe to connect my device to the internal header? I assume the NUC would be just fine, and just draw 30 mA more current from the power supply (similar to a device being connected to USB).


      I believe this is the only way I could get over 10V from a NUC (without buying a step-up DC-DC converter from 5V DC to 19V DC).