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    DP45SG mobo + E8500 = ????


      So I have purchased the above motherboard and processor to build an inexpensive yet powerful solid modeling and design station. I've been on the search for memory for this finicky motherboard and came across the Intel motherboard/processor compatibility tool http://processormatch.intel.com/CompDB/


      For whatever reason I decided to enter my parts only to be amazed at the result. Intel says they are NOT compatible!!!



      Can anyone tell me why not?? The motherboard is for ANY Core 2 Duo LGA775 processor (among others) according to Page 9  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/15995/eng/DP45SG_TechProdSpec.pdf



      Help please! Thanks!



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          The fact that the motherboard supports processors based on socket 775 does not mean that the motherboard will support all available models of socket 775 processors.

          Please check the following website for a list of supported processors for your motherboard:



          Keep in mind that using non-supported processors on an Intel motherboard means that the motherboard is running out of specifications voiding the warranty of the processor and motherboard.

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            Hello Adolfo and thankyou for your reply!


            I understand what you have said and do not disagree with it in the least. I would though like to know why it will not support the E8xxx processors but it WILL support the E7xxx processors? It supports 45nm arch along with 65. It supoprts the speed, the cache size, 2 and 4 cores, etc, etc. I am just looking for a definative reason why opposed to a website just telling me its not.


            If this is indeed the case, I will need to try and resell my purchased mobo and find one that will work. Lost money and time on my part.


            What could be hurt if I do try and run it? There are many people running the E8400 and E8600 on this board without issue.


            Thank you again for your reply!



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              The motherboard supports 65 nm and 45 mn processors but in order to support each available model the motherboard needs to have the proper microcode for that particular processor.

              In this case the motherboard has the required microcode only for the processors listed as supported on the provided link. All other processors that are not listed there were not designed to be supported by that particular motherboard, that is the reason that we always have a list of supported processors for each motherboard.


              Using a non-supported processor on a motherboard could end up on casing unexpected behaviors in the system and it can even fail at any time, keep in mind that we do not guarantee performance or reliability when using non-supported processors.