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    STK2M364CC bluetooth constantly dropping out


      Hi All


      Have had this issue from day one. Running Windows 10 64 Creator version. At times bluetooth would drop out for a few seconds and then reconnect. More frustratingly is when it loses connectivity and the obly way to get it back is by turning bluetooth off and back on then reconnecting the device to the ICS. Usually a reboot would fix it as well although sometimes i need to reconnect even after a reboot.


      My two devices are a Logitech keyboard and mouse. I have used them to connect to the Compute Stick Bios as well. Not sure if that matters? Was using them both perfectly on my Surface Pro 3 same version of Windows with never an issue.


      These are the errors i get in Event Log after the disconnection occurs.


      "Bluetooth HID device  either went out of range or became unresponsive.


      Source: HidBth"


      Drivers are the latest versions




      Bios 0051



      Has anyone experienced this? Otherwise what is my next option? Can i raise a case directly with Intel?