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    Enable GPIO Interrupt on two GPIO_SS pins at same time


      Hi All,


      I have to Configure two GPIO_SS Pins for detecting interrupt simultaneously.

      Actually I Connected two GPIO interrupt based sensors on GPIO_SS PIN 2 and 6. I already wrote, run and tested the separate code for these sensors having GPIO Interrupt enabled and it is working fine.

      But Now when I merged these two code in one code, I am unable to get the expected result. There is no compilation or run time error but this code not detecting the sensor data.


      Anemometer is connected to GPIO_SS [2].

      Rain Gauge is connected to GPIO_SS [6].

      Both are working fine with separate codes anemometer_main.c and rain_gauge_main.c respectively.

      After merging these two codes and writing anemometer_and_rainguage_merged_main.c I am unable to get the data from any of sensors.


      I am attaching the separate codes and the merged code.

      Please have a look and suggest my what i did wrong.


      Thanks & Regards